I do not define myself through belonging to a concrete stylistic tendency. The different parameters I set every time I start a new work or a new project generate strong emotions, which bring life and locate the autonomous logic of the art body by intuition.
Of course a good deal of different factors has direct or indirect influence on my work process. One of them is my social and private milieu. The presence or absence of certain private comfort also affects my work, sometimes even defining its core. In all cases though, the quality is not concerned.
I think that the value of the work is defined objectively by the authentic and genuine artistic behavior besides the professional skills.
The result, called “completeness” is not a function of the expectation but only a function of its paradox integrity.
Stylistic platforms, metaphors, media, and levels of communication – those are just palettes in use of the thinking artist.
This is what I do too.
You can take a look at my work and send me your positive or negative opinion of it. In both cases I am thankful to you.