I invest my time in work.

    I invest in accuracy and professionalism.

    I invest in honesty.


I address my work to all that recognize themselves in it. I address it to all that will get anxious, get lost in thought or sense delight in it.




> Brief Biography
Chavdar Chakarov is born on 31.07.1977 in the town of Lom, Bulgaria. In 2001 graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" University, Veliko Tarnovo (BG), Specialty: Painting, Prof. Ruschukliev's class.
In 2002 specialized composition of painting.

“Chavdar strives for contemplation and non-visualistic construction of the reality. Interests in the plastic range of the different materials and consciously goes after the paradox effect in their combination.
The result is strange.
The works cross the border of the visual comfort.”
Prof. Kostadin Denev.

“… spectacular impact between rational and intuitive principles …”
Prof. Nikolay Maistorov

> Brief Chronology of the Artistic Appearance
Solo Shows:
2003 “Form Proof”, Exhibition halls “Raphael Mihailov”, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
2002 “Evolution of Mail Ego” , Exhibition halls “Raphael Mihailov”, Veliko Tarnovo
2001 Painting, with Galabin Hristov (sculpture), “Katergina” Art Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo
Collective Shows, Biennials, Participation in Projects:
2004 Second Biennial of Small Forms in Art, Ilia Beshkov Art Gallery, Pleven, Bulgaria
2004 National Exhibition “Painting” Shipka 6, Sofia
2004 XI International Biennial Festival of Portrait – Drawing and Graphics, Tuzla, Bosna and Hercegovina
2004 Exhibition “Water Technique”, Vasil Glavinov House of History, Veles, Macedonia
2003 National Exhibition “Figurative Picture” Shipka 6, Sofia
2002 First Biennial of Small Forms in Art, Ilia Beshkov Art Gallery, Pleven, Bulgaria 2001 Project “CANDLES”, XXL Art Gallery, Sofia
2000 Project “CANDLES”, Exhibition halls “Raphael Mihailov”, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
1999 Exhibition “Danube – Black Sea”, Nessy Art Gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria
2004 International Colony “Nicolae Grigorescu”, Cornu, Romania
2004 International Colony “Dojran – Dudin”, Old Dojran, Macedonia
2004 International Colony “Polomie”, Lom, Bulgaria
2004 International Colony “Radetski – Dunav Art”, Vratsa, Bulgaria